Cindy & Haleigh

As a Match Support Specialist at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Siouxland, I have the privilege of watching wonderful relationships form. I get to see first hand how both Littles and Bigs grow from their experiences together. One match that I have loved supporting this past year was between Big Sister Haleigh and Little Sister Cindy. As of July, they have been matched for a year. Haleigh and Cindy have formed a great relationship. Although they cannot always get together in person, they text and talk every week to see how things are going.

Cindy had been matched in the program twice before, with her matches ending due to her Big Sisters moving away. Cindy’s mother Irma is very thankful for Haleigh. As a Match Support Specialist, I visit with Irma, Cindy and Haleigh each month and they all express excitement about the match. Irma loves that Haleigh is a mature, passionate young lady. Cindy has formed a friendship with Haleigh and feels comfortable talking to her.

Haleigh has said that she has seen Cindy grow, including her self-confidence, and has really opened up. She cannot believe her Little Sister will be in high school this fall.

During a monthly contact with Cindy, I asked her what they had been up to. Cindy said that they were volunteering at the Catholic radio station. I was very pleased to hear that Haleigh was taking the opportunity to show Cindy that she could help others.

Later when I spoke with Haleigh, she brought the whole situation to light.

“She [Cindy] wanted to take dance lessons,” Haleigh said. “In order to pay for those, people sponsored her, and in return, we are doing volunteer work for different places around the area.”

Through Big Sister Haleigh’s commitment to help Little Sister Cindy find opportunities to volunteer, Haleigh is helping Cindy to learn the tools needed in life.

– Kristen Langel, Match Support Specialist

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