Be a big FamilyMake a Difference Together

Things just got even Bigger.

This program is for people who want to team up to be Community-Based volunteers. Big Families are in a committed relationship that wishes to include their own children on the benefits of volunteering.

It takes a big heartGo Big.

Don’t just take it from us.

Check out some Real Life Stories of Bigs & Littles.

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Know anyone who’d make a great Big Family?

At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we’re always looking for more families to be mentors. Fact is, we have boys and girls ready and waiting to be matched with a family of role models. So tell the great families you know to sign up to become Bigs.

They can do all the fun things they love to do already, like going to the movies, hiking or swimming—only now they'd get to enjoy it with a child who can truly benefit from it.

Big Family Information

Ready to be a Big Family?

Just fill out our simple online application. After you complete it, a Big Brothers Big Sisters staff member will contact you shortly. You'll need to:
   • provide references
   • participate in an in-person interview
   • go through a background check